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Your Trusted Medical PPE Supply Partner

We supply governments, healthcare providers, services and institutions worldwide with high-quality medical PPE, delivered fast, at fair pricing.

In 2020, we all faced a crisis - Covid-19. TGL saw that there was a real advantage in our secure factory contacts for the supply of Personal Protection Equipment internationally and to New Zealand. We reached out to the medical industry to help in supplying medical-grade products, a first for TGL. We have since extended our national distribution and third-party warehouse suppliers to now provide gold-standard medical devices and consumables.

Our PPE products meet all required New Zealand standards. View products >

  • Tamaki Group Limited (TGL) are a New Zealand based company specialising in the supply of medical devices and personal protection equipment.
  • TGL manufacture our products in South East Asia, where we have on the-ground management to supervise production, quality, and freight logistics.
  • Head Office of TGL for governance and finance is domiciled in Auckland, New Zealand. Distribution is via either Head Office in Auckland, or for the UK and Europe via TGL Medical Limited, a UK company being a wholly owned subsidiary of TGL.
  • TGL cover all personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements for medical, dental, industrial and Covid demands.
  • Our products are of the highest quality, and meet all technical standards for the jurisdictions we supply in.
  • Being a New Zealand company, we carry our Western standards into South East China. Our joint venture factories have dedicated TGL staff on the ground, offering conforming products to our specific design.

Matthew Gilligan
Commercial Director

Matthew Gilligan

Matthew is a chartered accountant, and has been practising since 1992. A leader in the strategic arena, Matthew is also an active and seasoned property investor, and an entrepreneur with many successful businesses. Matthew brings his commercial oversight and professional background to TGL as Commercial Director.

Charles Brothers
Director of Medical Applications

Charles Brothers

Charles is a business professional with strong leadership, management, strategic and business development skills. He has led one of New Zealand's medical manufacturers for the past 10 years. He now brings these skills to TGL driving our growth in the medical field as our Medical Applications Director.

Darren Heyes
UK Operations Manager

Darren is a Science Graduate from Nottingham Trent University. He has a wide and varied background in the Education, Marketing, Sport and Health related industries with an extensive range of experience in both the public and private sectors. His approachable nature and work ethic ensures that all our customers are well supported and get the best deal possible to satisfy their needs.

Dr Moha Naser
New Zealand Country Manager

Moha is a doctor of dental surgery, and has been working in healthcare and medical field for more than 20 years. With experience covering Ukraine, Russia, Jordan and Dubai, he now brings his experience to TGL as a Sales Representative in Middle East & East Europe.